This division is fully equipped with all General and specialized workshop machinery where we undertake all types of engineering jobs. We make all types of shafts, bushes, gears (Bevel, helical & spur) worm gears and worm shafts, racks, pinions, splined drive shafts, pulleys & machine parts manufacturing. We have medium and large center lathes of different swings to do the smallest of pins to facing of large drums, axles & diff tubes. We can make parts en masse using our capstan lathe.


This is the flagship of General Engineering Works and is leading in the field of automotive repair services. This division has progressed over the years to the current status where we do all crankshaft regrinding, engine block re-boring, fitting new liners & line bore blocks, cylinder head re-facing, valve seat cutting & replacing valve guides, connecting rods re-grinding and re-bushing, Rockwell hardness testing on crank journals, metal stitching, blocks and cylinder head pressure testing (360 degrees view).


Any engineer will tell you that cast iron is one of the most difficult metals to weld effectively. Our metal stitching repair technique enables us to do a non-welding repair on cast iron and aluminum with great effectiveness.


This is one of our latest additions which enables us to do in house and on site line boring operations of heavy equipment at chemical plants, public utilities, steel & paper mills, mines, power stations, fluid transmission and distribution systems.


We recently ventured into a new product that we feel would be a tremendous benefit to our clients in all the relevant industries. Our product which is known as Thermal spray is a «cold» processes whereby a new alloy or ceramic is reliably coated onto a cylindrical surface of a metal work piece or part. The sprayed coatings are applied to the desired thickness at temperatures that do not overly stress, change the base metal properties or create distortion. These «cold» processes mean that the part should not exceed about 302°F (150°C) during coating. Thermal spray have a very broad field of applications. Both metals and ceramics are sprayed for different application needs. In particular, parts suitable for coating consist of those which can be rotated and require repair due to wear on surfaces which are cylindrical in shape. This represents a wide range of applications, consisting of shafts, journals, rolls and bearings on areas such as bearing seats, press fits, seal and packing zones. Low heat input to the base metal minimizes distortion, warping and changes in the base metal. «Cold» is key to simplicity, efficiency, speed and reliability. The hardness ( Rockwell ) is also consistent as the original material and MANY TIMES ‘BETTER THAN NEW’.